Adobe Su&#@s

I’m probably the 1 millionth person to complain about this, but boy did it make my blood boil:

We had to sign up one of our kids for a class before the end of the year. The school sent us a PDF form to fill in. Easy enough, I thought.

Except my PC could not read the PDF. So I went to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Bummer #1: it’s over 25 megs and I was on a dial up. So I went out in the snow for 2 hours while it downloaded. I came back, started the install, and without asking me for permission, it proceeded to not only install the Reader, but bummer #2: some kind of Photoshop trial photo album thing I don’t want (it’s close to 100 megs installed!!), and bummer #3: a Yahoo Toolbar for IE (also without asking my permission).

OK, at least now I was ready to fill in the dorky form. So I went back into my Yahoo Mail Beta to grab the form. Except, bummer #4: Yahoo Mail no longer worked. Because the Yahoo Toolbar that got installed was an old version and Yahoo Mail says it won’t work with that one, suggesting that I download a new version. So I uninstalled the Toolbar instead, went into Y Mail to grab the form, loaded it up and, of course, bummer #5: the form showed up, but the Adobe Reader refused to let me fill in any of the required text.

That’s when I gave up.

PDF seemed like a good idea once upon a time, now it’s just another piece of offensive bloatware.

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6 thoughts on “Adobe Su&#@s”

  1. Cool, I'll definitely try Foxit.

    The Adobe download URL didn't work for some reason (dial up?), so I downloaded from CNET instead ( Looking at it again, it does mention the bundled stuff and says "During installation, you may choose not to install these programs by refusing to accept their license agreements". That's pretty screwy – like most people I just blindly click through those agreements…

  2. Acrobat Reader can only read texts. I feel your pain and it's quite sad, but you need to either:
    1) Pay them money for Adobe Acrobat.
    2) Redo form in Word and then use free program WIN2PDF.

  3. Yahoo toolbar is the worst thing ever, and I ran into the same problem when I tried to install Acrobat Reader, I dont want a silly photo album program free or otherwise, and I certainly don't want some silly toolbar program either.

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