No more MacBook for me

Enough has gone wrong with my MacBook in the last few months that I doubt I’d ever buy another one. First I had random shut down problems. Then the built in webcam stopped working. Now I have a dead battery. All this within the first 9 months of owning it. The final straw: Apple told me to go into the store to pick up a new battery. After waiting for over an hour despite having an appointment, they confirmed that the battery was dead, then told me they were out of batteries and put me on the phone with customer support for another maddening 20 minutes to order a replacement one. Bleh.

3 replies on “No more MacBook for me”

Common Tony! I went through the same problem with my battery… Except mine actually mutated and started to expand 3-4 times its width. It was scary; and happened just under a year from when I bought this gorgeous MacBook Pro… I had to wait a few days for the new battery… Not a problem. This LapTop is in a class of its own even if there are a few weak links in the chain. Its my life, my best friend, my constant companion… Until Steve trumps it and I have to move up to the next level…

had problems too with my alu macbook. 1 week after buying the battery was dead (replaced in 3 days). 3 month later the charger was dead (replaced @ dataquest/zurich within minutes). now everything works fine

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