A great post by Matt about how P2 has ch…

A great post by Matt about how P2 has changed our communication style at Automattic.

P2 is a WordPress theme. I’m currently using it on this blog as well, though it was originally developed for group communications.

11 replies on “A great post by Matt about how P2 has ch…”

Dear Toni,

I would like this PS-theme, especially because of the threaded Comments and threaded Forum-Posts, which makes postings more clear. Would be great to see this functionality (threaded Comments and also threaded Forums) also within BuddyPress-software…….

Many thanks,


Hi Toni,

not sure if this means yes or no to have threaded posts included within BuddyPress ?

I was actually surprised that BuddyPress does not have their forum threaded based….. even standard-forum-software has this.

I actually like the functionality of the following forum-software, but would love to see this within BuddyPress:

Many thanks,


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