Automattic now reaches half a billion people

Last night, we crossed the 500M mark for monthly unique visitors to the Automattic network:

The Automattic network consists of, Polldaddy, IntenseDebate, and Gravatar, as tracked by Quantcast (the bump you see in November is when we started tracking Polldaddy, ID, Gravatar, and Stats users in addition to visitors).

500M uniques is Google, Facebook, and Yahoo territory. And what’s even better is that we have reached that number with a team of just 75 people (spread across 17 states and 23 countries).

35 thoughts on “Automattic now reaches half a billion people

  1. Friend Toni,

    Looks as though you are adeptly well versed here? I will definitively check into things more, have to admit I need all the help and support from you all at WordPress possible man!;-)

    Props and Peace,


  2. Picking any other platform over WordPress is like picking canned fruit over fresh…

    Have been blogging for only a year or so, but am so very glad to have invested the time to learn and enjoy using WordPress.

    You guys rock…and congrats on the massive traffic stats!

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