New Yahoo Mail Coming

The fruits of Yahoo’s acquisition of Oddpost are starting to emerge into public view. Yesterday, we offered a few people a sneak peak of a new version of Yahoo Mail that’s based on Oddpost’s technology. There’s some discussion on it on the web. I particularly like Ross’s commentary. Comparisons between the new Yahoo Mail and […]

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Decentralization Podcast

Just listened to a great podcast by Dave Winer. He talks about the internet’s great ability to decentralize markets (eBay for p2p commerce, Expedia for travel, etc) and how RSS, blogging and podcasting are decentralizing the publishing business by offering low cost publishing channels to anyone with a computer and allowing us to route around […]

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1 Million RSS Feeds

I learned last week that Yahoo publishes over 1 million RSS feeds (!), a summary of which can be found here. This includes about 800k feeds from public Yahoo Groups and about 60k company news feeds from Yahoo Finance, but it does not count the dynamically generated feeds from Yahoo News (scroll down to “Create […]

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Konfabulator countdown

Konfabulator is counting down to their 2.0 release. Looks like their site will reveal some clues every day leading up to the release. Also, I just saw a very promising product that Adaptive Path is working on. Can’t wait to try it.

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The Peak of Oil

A few weeks ago, I read about the idea that we are nearing the peak of world wide oil production in this Rolling Stone article. Now I’m all of a sudden seeing the idea pop up in several places. They were talking about it last night on NPR, the Guardian had this story, Boing Boing […]

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A New Project

I’ve taken on a new role at Yahoo, moving from the Mail team where I helped integrate Oddpost into Yahoo, to the Platform team where I will be working on expanding It’s a very exciting project. We’re in the process of opening Yahoo up to third party developers and expanding Yahoo’s reach from the […]

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Paul Graham on Startups

I consider Paul Graham’s Plan for Spam essay to be a seminal piece (he popularized the idea of using Bayesian spam filters, which we found to be amazingly effective at Oddpost). His latest essay is How to Start a Startup. Having been part of 4 startups, I was interested to hear what he has to […]

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