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Hi. I’m Toni Schneider.

I live in San Francisco with my wife Diane, our kids Sophie, Ben, and Owen, and our dogs Pepper and Rufus. I work for Automattic, the company behind, and True Ventures, a seed stage VC firm. I like technology startups, cars, and alternative energy. Once upon a time I grew up in Switzerland, then moved to California for college.

Here’s a short bio, a high-res photo, my resume, and a video from 2012 of me talking about my career and what makes Automattic and WordPress successful.

I’m currently involved with these fine companies:

Past companies:

  • Sphere (co-founder, acquired by AOL)
  • Yahoo (VP Developer Network)
  • Oddpost (CEO, acquired by Yahoo)
  • Uplister (CEO)
  • Aureal Semiconductor (VP Technology, acquired by Creative Labs)
  • Crystal River Engineering (Software Engineer, acquired by Aureal)

Recent press and awards:

Recent speaking engagements:


23 replies on “About”

I am new and I am looking to find my way to this channel.

I wish you the best for your work and for your life.

A very happy new year!!!!!

Hello Toni,

I am real interested in finding a diesel landcruiser to run biodiesel. Thanks for the info. I am also here in SF. I have been checking craidslist and ebay for canadian models. I am also researching an engine conversion.



Hello Toni,

At the outset, I would like to thank you for giving us such a great platform for expressing ourselves. I had always loved writing, but did not have the avenue to do it. WordPress has shown me the way. And, I have just added to my blog roll, as I felt that my work will always remain incomplete, if I do not acknowledge the contribution that you have made to me and numerous others.

Best regards

Arup Deb

[…] もし何か今後、ドメインやライセンスのことで分からないことがあれば、Automattic や WordPress 日本語チームに連絡することもできるし、私はもちろん、マットやトニーも連絡先を公開しています。もちろん誤解してしまって取り返しのつかないことになる、なんてということはほとんどないですが(本などと違って修正できるのがウェブの利点だと思いますし、指摘を受けて変更を加えられたのは改善ととらえています)、不明な点はまず連絡してもらえればと思います。 […]

[…] Toni Schneider (CEO, Automattic) has an excellent post describing the reasons for a company to have a distributed team. I’ve noticed a new trend in Silicon Valley. More and more startups are beginning life as distributed companies, and investors and partners are starting to accept it as normal. Our company Automattic is distributed, and I’m ready to sing the praises of running a business in this way. BTW, I think distributed (“evenly spread throughout an area”) is a better description than the more commonly used virtual (“nearly real or simulated to be real”) for a company that has people working from all over the place instead of a centralized office. In Automattic’s case, we currently have over 50 employees spread across 12 US states and 10 countries. […]

Thank you, Toni, for your impressive contributions and for being part of the innovative team at Automattic. Keep up the great work in making the world a better place through social media and connectivity. Happy New Year!

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