The Center of Silicon Valley

In honor of tonight’s Yahoo Maps beta and Yahoo Maps API releases, I made a little maps mashup. Sometimes when people visit Silicon Valley, they wonder where it actually is. There is no discernible center to the Valley and you might find yourself passing through it without ever realizing you did. So I set out to find the center via Yahoo Maps. I took the 10 most valuable Silicon Valley tech companies, plotted their locations and then computed their average location weighted by today’s stock market valuation for each company. The result is here.

Here’s what’s weird about it: the center of Silicon Valley came out to be exactly at the intersection of two major highways – 101 and 237. How poetic, in a place that cares mostly about bits and bytes the centerpoint is a freeway on-ramp 🙂

8 replies on “The Center of Silicon Valley”

can you do the same exercise to figure out where the center of silicon valley is for vc's? take your 10 companies, plot the location of their investors and let us know which vc's truly created the most long term value. I bet we won't be surprised.

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