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If you thought that nobody really talks in that certain way that various “bullshit generators” make fun of, consider this: a few weeks ago I got a voice mail from a recruiter and he said verbatim “Would you be interested in joining an exciting startup? They are called ****** and they provide a hosted on-demand development integration platform to build composite applications delivered over a thin client or you could also say they do last mile delivery of SOA apps“. I could not believe my ears and had to write it down word for word.

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Vortal! Vortal! Incoming e-enablers! Frictionless e-tail e-xperiences e-livered direct to your e-mail! There's a paradigm shift happening here, right here, among us e-business synergists, recontextualising seamless cutting-edge B2B solutions to gain both mindshare and eyeballs and increase ROI on our next-generation intergration of lolly-pop sticks and cherry cola. Hot dang!

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