My first few weeks at Automattic have been a whirlwind. It’s very fun to be back at a startup. Aside from some operational tasks (payroll, trademark applications, health insurance, yay) I’ve been talking to lots of customers and potential partners to figure out what business opportunities are available to us. Some of those partners are in New York – I had never seen Manhattan in the snow:


Here’s one looking down from the Business Week offices:

What has struck me in talking to people is just how widely used WordPress really is. I had seen the numbers before – for example that WordPress has been downloaded over 1.4MM times, or that over 1,000 new people sign up for a blog on every day – but it’s something else to talk to person after person and company after company and they’re all either happily using your product or want to use it in the future. I’ve put together this page to give you a small taste of some of what’s out there. We plan to roll out some commercial services in the coming weeks based on the feedback we’ve been collecting.

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