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User Generated Content -> People Media

Many people don’t like the term user generated content. It’s because it focuses on content, not people. And people are what matters most on the new web. I mentioned this to Tony Conrad a while back, and yesterday I noticed that he’s using the term People Media instead of user generated content. I asked him why and he said it just seemed to make sense to him. I agree. I like it. Mainstream Media. People Media.

2 replies on “User Generated Content -> People Media”

I've noticed a bit of backlash on the term user generated content – at first I thought it was a bit funny but with a little reflection, I can see why the term rubs a number of bloggers the wrong way. So as Toni points out I've started using the term People Media to describe how all kinds of people are creating amazing content, blogs, forums, podcasts, video blogs…..a lot of folks have noticed and said they like the description – I'd love to hear your thoughts .

yeah….. I don't like "user generated content" primarily because it was originally used by execs at portal companies to get free content … UGC then became a buzword on all their powerpoint presentations.

The real point for me is that the term "user" doesn't really give much respect to what these people are doing. They're not users as much as they're partners.

That said, I don't people media either (sorry)… it just doesn't have that RING to it.

Sooner or later someone WILL create a term that rings… I just haven't seen it yet.

Just being honest 🙂


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