Automattic Support Network

I'm excited to tell you that we are releasing the Automattic Support Network today. It's an enterprise support subscription service designed for companies who would like to deploy WordPress or WordPress MU and purchase professional support to back up their deployment.

WordPress is already used to power blogs and sites by several well known large companies, places like the New York Times, CNET, and In talking to other large corporate users over the past few months, I've received the same request over and over: if we could pay you to provide us with enterprise level support for WordPress, we're ready to deploy it in a big way. We've responded by creating the Support Network. It's loosely modelled after similar offerings from companies like MySQL and Red Hat who provide support subscriptions for open source software. We hope this service will allow lots of large organizations to embrace WordPress as their blogging platform of choice and will help grow the adoption of blogging as a great new communication tool for businesses.

11 thoughts on “Automattic Support Network

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  3. […]I'm simulating a trackback because I'm afraid to actually have it appear like I was here posting. I think it's a great idea – I have clients who are much more concerned with performance than how much things cost and I know there's a market for this. One suggestion: change "…grow the adoption of…" to just "grow". ;)[…]

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  5. I'm not aware of any MT installations at NYT. used to run their site on MT and they are in the process of moving to WP.

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