May I ask for your vote?

My platform is free biodiesel for all!

Please vote for me: Best Startup CEO.

And for WordPress: Most likely to succeed.

Here’s how the respective nominees compare on Alexa: CEOs, products. 🙂

Also, if you are into that kind of thing, check out how much money each company has raised (follow the Crunchbase links from the first two links above). Our growth-to-money-raised ratio is completely off the charts.

20 replies on “May I ask for your vote?”

Biodeisel can be made at home (with a bit of care) from the barrels and barrels of waste oil that most fast food chains pay to have disposed properly.

You must filter out all the junk in it (screens, anyone?), then distill it with lye and methanol to break down the oil into glycerin and usable fuel.

A really cool video that shows how to do it can be found here:

.. As well as some shots of people's setups to make it at home. As far as I know (for now), you don't need any kind of special permits to make your own fuel.

Who would have thought that the waste from McDonald's could actually be good for the planet? 🙂

Seeing that by the time i start driving…
Gas would have roughly jumped another say…3…4 dollars?

I’ll take the free diesel, please.

I ask you this, though:
How would one supply an entire nation with free biodiesel?
The price for corn jumped substantially after it was used for the source of biodiesel.

Just, the fact that there being 300 million people in America, that would be a lot of corn…

Even the busiest McDonald's will only generate about a tank of used cooking oil a week. Unless there is a restaurant doing that much business for every two-three people in the country, or this is just going to be a niche market unfortunately.

I'd vote for you.. If only I'd knew at least what you've done and you're doing. I mean no offense, but who knows exactly what your job is? Matt is often speaking publicly about WP issues, we've seen him taking position on several stuff in 2007, but I must admit I think I only read something about you once during that year.

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