Twitter changes?

I got a noticeable increase of “Twitter followers” in the last few weeks. This is amusing (I have a single tweet from over a year ago on my Twitter account, not much to follow there) and it also made me wonder what’s changed. It could be due to recent improvements that make it easier to find people on their network. Or are there other new promotional features that could be the cause of this? There’s also been a corresponding bump in traffic that started a few weeks ago.

5 replies on “Twitter changes?”

You cannot deny the Zen appeal of a Twitter account with a single tweet. It's clear that people are discovering that.

I would be willing to be its because you are speaking at Web2.0 on Friday. I'm at Web2.0 and looking forward to your talk. I would very much like the opportunity to meet both you and Matt. Please ping me via my website if you think this may be a possibility.

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