Data portability

As the debate on data portability rages, I’m learning some interesting things:


1. Marc Canter is painting a fence in his backyard with an open data mural. I love that. What a great reflection of his personality and passion and of Silicon Valley as a place. There’s something cool about the collision of the abstract world of data sharing and the real world of a wooden fence.

2. Eric Schonfeld has it right, the data has already left the barn. Real apps pulling your data out of places when you need it will beat out abstract data sharing schemes any day.

2 replies on “Data portability”

More, hmmm.

I think near term the best solution continues to be the approach blogs have pioneered: make everything easily accessible via web standards and open protocols like RSS.

Long term, efforts like OAuth point in the right direction of allowing more granular exchange of personal data.

In some ways the MySpace/Google/Facebook solutions that are being hotly discussed at the moment feel to me like solutions looking for a problem.

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