Manana es para siempre

Having fun at a Telenovela taping with Paul in Mexico City:

7 replies on “Manana es para siempre”

I like the actors very much! In my opinion Silvia Navarro and Fernando Colunga are the best. However, the writers are spending too much time telling us about Gardenia, and not enough about Fernanda. Fernanda is the center of the story. I would like to see more scenes with Fernanada and Eduardo or Franco Santoro.

I have never in my life seen anyone act and make a seen like Fernando Colunga did when his morhter died. He is the best, the very best when it comes to a good performance….Excellent Fernando

excellent novela and as for Fernando Colunga,,what a hunk and a number one actor who is so wonderful to look at as well as watch him when he cried for his mama.. Love this novela,, can*t wait to buy it

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