Wired moves to WordPress

Wired has switched their blogs to WordPress (from Typepad). 9 of Wired’s 11 blogs are in the Technorati top 100 (according to Pingdom), so this move will further boost the already significant standing WordPress has among the world’s top bloggers.

PS: I found this cool tidbit while surfing the Wired blogs

4 replies on “Wired moves to WordPress”

Yeah but the Technorati 100 has changed completely, will need to re-run the stats. (None of Wired's are in there anymore for some reason.)

I was going to verify the 9 out of 11 claim, but then saw that the T100 is now broken into 10 pages which makes it (even more) difficult to parse. They really need a feed for that list (I've asked them, I'm sure lots of others have as well).

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