Cell phone radiation

There are no tinfoil hats around my house, but I did recently look into the mobile phone radiation issue. My daughter just turned 13, and she was apparently one of the only kids in her grade without a cell phone. This is one of the reasons why:


It’s from a University of Utah study (pdf) and shows how the human head absorbs electromagnetic radiation from a cell phone held up to the ear. Given that kids absorb a lot more of this radiation and that no one seems to be 100% certain what it’s doing to our brains and bodies (especially the brains of kids which have more rapid cell division than adults and might therefore be more susceptible to radiation), I’ve felt that it might be best to hold off on getting cell phones for my kids. That argument worked for the last few years, but it wasn’t going to work forever. So the other day we did get our daughter her first phone – with the following “better safe than sorry” rules:
– Get a low radiation phone
– Use wired headphones to make calls
– Put the phone in your bag (instead of wearing it on your body)

Oh, and it turns out that my iPhone is quite the fountain of radiation, so I’m going to follow rules 2 & 3 as well…

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