The 2% rule

The more time I spend around web services, the more I see 2% conversion rates show up all over the place. About 2% of people who visit a blog leave a comment. 2% click on “related articles” below a blog post. 2% of Evernote users buy their premium service. Same with 2% of users. We see similar numbers with premium upgrades. Is this a coincidence, or is there an underlying law that drives this? If you put something for free on the Internet and ask people to engage and take some sort of action, 2% of them will do so on average? I say on average, because I’ve seen 1-5% ranges on various services, but the 2% number seems to be the most common.

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Toni Schneider

Partner at True Ventures. Team lead at Automattic. Advisor at Atipica, Bandcamp, Bigscreen, Handshake, Hatch Baby, Madefire, Piavita, Renovo Motors, and

9 thoughts on “The 2% rule”

  1. I think the same is true of anything. Those willing to help out with plugin development, or donate, or help at a club will be a tiny minority of the total users. Is it human nature? Are we all selfish at heart?

  2. As contacts multiply and grow exponentially, will the 80/20 rule expire and now new on-line business will expect business from 2% of their on-line business contacts? 98/2 now?

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