WordPress mobile usage

WordPress mobile apps have been on a tear. The Android app has passed 100,000 users – and it was released just three and a half months ago. Meanwhile, the Blackberry app is getting close to 100k as well (it just passed 90k users) and the iPhone app will hit 400k users very soon (it was first released almost 2 years ago). The most encouraging trend is the increase in the number of posts published from mobile apps to WordPress sites. In the case of, mobile posts now make up over 10% of total posts published every day, and that number will almost certainly continue to go up.

4 replies on “WordPress mobile usage”

My big question is when can we see a mobile version for the WebOS? Now that HP is buying Palm there will be many more WebOS devices on the market.

Toni, do you know the content they wrote using the mobile APP? Mostly, just a bunch of graphs and videos embedded in the post?

I feel it is pretty challenging to write on Android due to the small size of the screen. It is just hard to type many words, format, and making paragraphs….


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