Swiss news

Swiss TV station Tele Zueri featured me in a news story about San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. It was quite the out of body experience to be followed around by a video camera for the day, but Stefan Kaufmann (the reporter) got me to feel comfortable and enjoy myself after a little while. Thank you to Diane and Beau for being extras!

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6 thoughts on “Swiss news”

  1. This is awesome! Merci vilmal fuers hochlade vom video! I hadn't heard you speak schwyzerduetsch before…but was easy to understand. I was just in Zurich a few weeks ago – very nice place! Did I see that right – do your plates say "mountain goat"?

  2. Ha ha! I had no idea what what being said except for "San Francisco". I loved the beginning of you walking to the Pier with your shades on.

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