After reading a couple of excellent posts about online identity/privacy by Om Malik and John Battelle, I decided to sign up for Rapleaf to see just what they know and track about me. My reactions:
– Their data about my location, jobs, age, etc is accurate
– Seeing that someone collects that data about me isn’t as creepy as I expected (since it’s all public data I’ve shared elsewhere)
– The interest data they have about me is pretty generic: Music, TV, photo sharing, auctions, online shopping, blogging, business networking, web personalization, social networks (these “interests” fit millions of people, they’re too broad to feel engaging or interesting to me)
– Their influencer score made me want to become more influential 🙂

One reply on “Privacy”

If I use my address it gives fair data and rather bizarrely an influencer score of 71-80. But I do not use that any more and it finds zero data on either the work email or my domain email. So certainly for Rapleaf if you change email often enough you will stay under their admittedly benign radar.

I wonder how many people would see "remove" as "remove from the whole internet" too.

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