Treasure Island 2012

Treasure Island, the man-made island that sits between San Francisco and Oakland, used to be a US Navy base and will be dramatically redeveloped over the next decade. Today, it’s a somewhat unreal place with boarded up and decaying buildings interspersed with a few athletic fields, homes, and businesses. I took a walk around there to capture what the place looked like before it gets flattened:

3 replies on “Treasure Island 2012”

Great photos. I had no idea something like that was there. It was odd going from a photo of cats enjoying the sun to a hazardous warning sign in the next. Cleaning that place up will probably be a huge and expensive task.

We have a similar (but probably worse) problem in Cork Harbour. Haulbowline Island had a steel plant and naval base but the steel plant closed, was sold for 1 Euro to a company who ripped the place apart and sold any scrap metal they could. Now there's water washing into the site and hazardous waste may or probably is washing into the harbour.. Government now has to clean up the site. Hopefully the same thing doesn't happen on Treasure Island!

So sad to se it like this. I lived there from 1970-1974, some of the best years of my life. It was beautiful there and a great community to live in.

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