Civil war days

Last weekend, I learned all about civil war reenactment. A few hundred reenacters camped out in a big field in Duncans Mills in their full 1863 outfits, weapons, and tents. In addition to cooking and sleeping in full period character, they reenacted several historic civil war battles. I’m not sure which battle we saw, but it ended in a draw (except for one reenacter who fell off his horse and was hauled off in an ambulance which looked amusingly out of place on the battlefield). They ended with Abraham Lincoln giving the Gettysburg address to the assembled spectators.

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I was wondering about the appeal as well. Whatever it is, it must be strong because it's a huge undertaking to trailer a bunch of horses, big cannons, tents, etc across the state and setup shop for a weekend. One thing I forgot to ask is if they stay in character among themselves after the spectators leave?

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