Founder Camp snapshot

Once a year, True brings together the entrepreneurs in its portfolio for a day of intimate learning and sharing. This year we held the event in Carmel – here I am with Chris and Jason from Renovo, in what looks to be some kind of serious conversation, or maybe Jason is describing which two cocktails he’s about to try at the closing party 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 9.09.27 PM

One reply on “Founder Camp snapshot”

I’m so ashamed, for three reasons. First, this comment is way off-topic; if I were you, I’d already be irritated with me. Second, I have now discovered that I am so churlish that I enjoy pointing out to you that you’ve misspelled “Francisco” in your Welcome box.

Third, i now see that I am an opportunist of the worst kind, for I have just signed up as a subscriber to your blog for an ulterior motive: I did so not because I find the things you get engaged in interesting, though they are, but because, even though you are no longer the CEO at Automattic, you still blog using WordPress. That suggests that you are on good relations with the good people there and that you therefore might be both willing as well as able to tell me how I can get someone there to actually help me regain access to my WordPress blog, After Aristotle. I’ve not even been able to get a Happiness Engineer to reply to the replies (three) I sent to him or her. In addition, WordPress Support declared my issue resolved when it ain’t even close to resolved. I have recorded some of what I have been through on the WordPress (I’m still loyal!) blog, Is Something Wrong at WordPress? (

If you have read this far, I have some hope that you will accept my apologies for this breach of good manners.

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