360 Photos

Now that supports VR content, I can show you some of the 360 snapshots I’ve taken with my Ricoh Theta camera:

2 replies on “360 Photos”

Great shots, Toni.

Have you by chance look at the 360Fly video camera? I heard it takes amazing footage

Happy birthday for Monday and Happy Holidays to you and family.

Ciao Giacomo

Giacomo Provenzano Founder & CEO Sphere Entertainment LLC


Hi Toni, I shoot 360s but I know nothing about coding. I was excited to see this new development allowing 360s to easily be displayed within but I cannot figure out exactly WHERE to put the short code. I know it’s a dumb question but maybe you can advise me? I know I have to add [vr url=path-to-photo.jpg view=360] somewhere after uploading a 360-degree photograph (say a Theta image) but I’ve tried the beginning, the end and various places in the middle without success. Any help would be much appreciated!



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