A childhood memory, revisited

When I was a little boy in Switzerland, maybe 5 or 6 years old, my dad took me to visit the studio of a well known local artist. Her name was Ursula Schneider (no relation), and I remember being impressed and excited after meeting her. She was a ceramic artist and her studio was called RABIUSLA. A couple of months ago, over 40 years after that studio visit, I suddenly got the urge to follow up and learn more. I found Ursula’s daughter, also named Ursula, on the web and reached out. She was very nice and recommended that I talk to her brother Andreas. He turned out to be charming and funny, and he told me the fascinating story behind RABIUSLA. I wrote it down along with images of the work: RABIUSLA.

3 replies on “A childhood memory, revisited”

Hi Toni –

That is such an interesting story.Thanks for sending it. I think of you and the kids often. This is such a strange time in all our lives. I know one has to live in the present and look to the future, but I truly miss the days on Green Street and all that went with them. I wish you all a good holiday and a healthy New Year. Say hi to the kids for me. All the best, Linda


Hi Toni, Wonderful story! And how amazing is it that Ursula taught at Cooper Union where Sophie went to school…. Full circle. Take care!

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