Car Museum

My Virtual Car Museum

I like cars a lot. Here are some from my past and present.

My daily driver. Great truck – runs on biodiesel which makes me happy and will soon hit half a million kilometers!

We took this VW Van on a long and leisurely drive across the US and back with the kids in the summer of ’08 – what a great trip! Here we slept in it overnight near the Badlands in South Dakota.


My former daily driver. Great for beach outings and hauling kids, bikes and servers.


My Caterham Super 7 weekend racer. Very fun and fast.


A 69 Lancia Fulvia HF. It used to be my dad’s. He raced it at Hockenheim.


A 76 Ferrari 308 GTB, also my dad’s. It brings back great memories of driving to the Geneva car show every year with my dad when I as a kid.


The “family Gurgel”, I painted it red (used to be army green) and learned to drive in it. It’s from Brazil.


A 63 Ford Falcon, my first car purchase ($800), bought in LA when I moved to California.


The Falcon was “upgraded” to a 64 Volvo 544. One of my all-time favorite car designs.


My experiment in car exporting (I shipped these from California to Switzerland). Made a little money, but more importantly I got to drive each one for a while.


The Maserati Quattroporte. Wins the awards for best sound and best freeway cruising. Also shipped to Switzerland.


Diane and I got this 77 Cutlass Supreme on a whim and liked it so much that we used to fight over who got to drive it.


The Saab. Diane’s car when we first met. She drove and loved it for over 10 years.


The M3. My treat after selling our first startup. Had great fun racing it at Sears Point, then we had kids and I had less fun getting car seats in and out of the back.

14 thoughts on “Car Museum”

  1. Toni, ref, to the red Gurgel, would you happen to have pictures of the vw chassis.I'm currently fitting the same type body on a VW chassis, but I'm missing the measurement between the front suspension beam and the "firewall".

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Regards, Ricky

  2. Would you be interested in buying a 1976 Peugeot 504 in new condition.

    This is a California car that is original. It was painted in it's original color, and clear coat. No scratches or dents. The interior is like new

    I am a senior and will retire in a senior complex where there is no room for a car.

    I am asking $4,000

  3. The blue Healey takes me back. My dad had one exactly like that as part of his 'mid-life crisis', I just thought it was the smartest thing in the world to be delivered at school in an open top sports car with an exhaust note that wake the dead.

    I drove a Caterham a couple of years back and it reminded me of the Healey a bit, but mostly of being on board an impossibly manoeuverable X-wing Starfighter. Great fun at a track day, and designed to go round any shape corner as though it wasn't there. Wonderful.

    I know (the old) Hockenheim: when did your dad drive there?

  4. Love the 308. I own one albeit not Fibreglass but they are ammazing to drive. Drove through CH and A and felt very James Bond mixed with the Persuaders.

  5. Not sure if you reply to comments here, but I'll give it a whirl anyway…

    Love the van. I rented an eco camper for a couple of weeks in Aus and have been well and truly infected with the bug. I like the look of your van, particularly the idea of a pop top. Does it run on biodiesel? That would the ultimate eco camper.🙂

    Did you buy it pre-fitted out, or do it yourself? Any details on how the inside is fitted out? Links on where to find out more, etc?

  6. Toni:

    Would like to chat with you about the 308 GTB pictured on your blog. Can you e-mail me back?



  7. Gurgel: Once when the clutch cable broke we had to start at red lights like a bobsleigh team, pushing until Toni crash-engaged the second gear and we could jump in. Fond memories of the days when we where young.

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