VodPod launches

VodPod, a San Francisco startup where I’ve helped out a little as an advisor, has officially opened their doors today. Congrats! VodPod let’s you build video collections/groups. Videos can be uploaded by users or aggregated from other sites like YouTube or MetaCafe. They already have enthusiasts video groups forming around topics like birding and unicycling. […]

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Maya’s Mom

Maya’s Mom, a great new advice and community site for parents soft launched today. Ann (who started the company and has a daughter named Maya) blogs about it here. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the team behind this startup because it’s a True Ventures investment and I will be helping out as an adviser. […]

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Paul Graham on Startups

I consider Paul Graham’s Plan for Spam essay to be a seminal piece (he popularized the idea of using Bayesian spam filters, which we found to be amazingly effective at Oddpost). His latest essay is How to Start a Startup. Having been part of 4 startups, I was interested to hear what he has to […]

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