Aurora Biofuels

I’ve been wanting to mention that I am angel investor in Aurora Biofuels. From their site:

Aurora’s proprietary technology, developed at The University of California, Berkeley, allows Aurora BioFuels to create bio-diesel with 125X higher yields and 50% lower costs than current production methods.

They are a small, impressive team with a promising plan to use genetically modified algae to efficiently create biodiesel. Today, biodiesel is typically made from soybeans. It’s a sustainable way to create fuel, which is good, but the soybeans take 11 months to grow and the fields to grow them in are large. Aurora proposes to use algae instead, which take 10 days to grow and you can put lots of them in a small tank. I believe Aurora is interested in finding additional angel investors at this time.

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Wow Tony, This is awesome, I'm excited to see what these types of new alternative entergy companies pull off. Also it's great to hear it was developed at UC Berkeley, that place has a special place in my heart 🙂

Also, I was happy to hear about how your biodiesal project is coming along, I can't wait to hear more about that, once you receive the Land Rover.

Hi Tony,

Great to see your interest in Biodiesel and what a great car you found. Any idea on the mileage it gets? The Diesel Jetta's get the best mileage of any car on the road except the Honda Insight. I was in a diesel Jetta on a road trip from Oakland Biofuel Oasis to San Diego. It got topped off at the Oasis and we did not stop for fuel at all, 585 miles on 12 gallons of B100 biodiesel, 56 miles per gallon. Was amazing, I kept looking at the fuel gauge the whole trip. I drive a 1985 mercedes wagon on B99 and wish I had got the Jetta :/ I want to invite you to check out the biodiesel education non-profit,

I am a part of, Biodiesel Council of California. We are planning now a conference for Jan 07 with the theme "focus on the feedstock". We are also as a fairly new 501(c)3 having our first membership drive right now. We seek people who are passionate about the environment, air quality, global warming, stimulating California's economy, and securing/stabalizing our fuel supply, these are all of the benefits of Biodiesel.

Also thanks for giving a idea what Aurora is working on, I had heard about thier winning the contest but the process was all hush hush. The Algae company from MIT has moved a project to southern CA and are beginning to build a commercial size facility I think in partnership with SOCAL Edison attaching the algae to the flue gas of a power plant.

I personnally believe that the best model for efficiency and bang for the fuel bucks is a integrated ethanol/biodiesel plant with algae as the feedstock for both. My idea is a closed loop system with no waste that makes most of its own feedstocks. This same idea could be used for Jatropha feedstock as it is also oil and starch.

thanks again

Kari Lemons

Outreach Director

Biodiesel Council of California


I stumbled across your website while googling the topic of biodiesel, and I thought that it would really be a good idea to get an old car that can run biodiesel. Your blogs make very interesting reading. Would also like more info about the venture by Aurora, are they still looking for investors?

I live in Orange County, Southern California, and there are no biodiesel retailers in my area, how sad.



My son Brett and you went to school at Center High School. I am glad to see you are addressing this demanding issue for our country.

I would like to also invest in your company. If there is anything I can do to help you.

Our area of the country is located where they may be a chance of helping you grow algae. Please keep us in mind.

It's great to see you doing well.

Ron Masterson

I would _love_ to invest in aurora biofuels. I don't have tons of money, but every little bit helps, right? If you're interested in having me as an investor, email me. I really love what you're doing, and I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully i'll be driving a car with aurora biofuels fuel in it in a few years.

Do you have a project, that need to be funded.

We're looking to link investors for funding project that need fun.

Give me a line.


Good job guys. Just an idea, American Indians have land, perhaps water, and more than likely an abundance of able bodied, people to whom the future of the earth's health is extremely important; many reservations need some sort of industry(aside from gaming/gambling which isn't available many places)and having little are

generally very poor indeed. So could it be possible that ABF might contract with these

original caretakers of this land. thanks, just daydreaming in San Francisco, Deb

P.S. If ever you have a think tank, could I get an

invite. I have tons of ideas.

[…] Aurora Biofuels: Developed at the University of California at Berkeley, the company is using genetically modified algae to efficiently create biodiesel. The Aurora claims the technology, developed by microbial biology professor Tasios Melis, can create biodiesel fuel with yields that are 125 times higher and have 50 percent lower costs than current production methods. According to the company’s web site, backers include Gabriel Venture Partners, Noventi, Oak Investment Partners (and angel investors include Auttomatic CEO Toni Schneider) […]

[…] Aurora Biofuels: The company uses genetics ally to isolate modified exclusive algae strains that can efficiently create biodiesel. The technology can create biodiesel fuel with yields that are 125 times higher and have 50 percent lower costs than current production methods.Angel investors include Auttomatic CEO Toni Schneider […]

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