Calling all WordPress consultants

I get several requests per week from people who are looking for help with WordPress related projects. Things like designing a new blog template, developing a custom plugin, or migrating existing blogs over to WordPress. In response, we’ve started to compile a list of professional WordPress consultants who offer these types of services.

7 replies on “Calling all WordPress consultants”

Isn't this what the wp-pro mailing list made for? In any case, starting a new list that's more accessible to the end-users can only benefit the whole community.

WordPress Consultant: Blog Setup, Design, Theme Customization or Creation, Consulting, Training and Troubleshooting Services

YCB has consulting and contract services tailored to fit any aspiration and budget — including personal publishing, SEO, business and multimedia websites. We work with clients large and small to help you reach your goals.

What Distinguishes Our Approach?

* Professionals who understand that each project is unique.

* Perfectionists who'll go the extra mile to get it right.

* We are passionate about helping you succeed.

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