MacBook trouble

Only a few months old and my MacBook is already misbehaving. Just like Liz, and apparently many others, I’m having random shut down problems. The computer just shuts down out of the blue, as if someone pulled a power cord. Highly annoying.

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They know the problem (poorly routed wire touches heatsink and melts the insulation, causing a short), so they're only replacing the part that is faulty… before they were replacing two components. So hopefully the wait will be shorter now.

Now I don't feel so bad for deciding to hold on to my PowerBook a while longer. 😉

I started suffering from the random shutdowns (actually it stopped being random after a while and started happening 2 minutes after the machine was powered on) and it turned out that all I needed was to have the battery replaced. It wasn't even a warranty issue as the batteries were already being recalled:

Nik – thank you! I applied the patch and I've had no shutdowns in the last 4 hours. Before that it shut down every 30 minutes or so. Looks like it might do the trick.


I used a ibook for a long time that was owned by the instituition i worked for ..i loved it ( was a hardcore PC fan before OSX) and got a macbook for myself..this one was great to start with, however it has slowed down considerably in its 3rd month..mine comes with 512 mb ram..but if i have entourage, firefox and adobe reader open at the same time, the systems slows down tremendously..even though it is using far less than 512mb according to the activity the hell do i speed it up?



Just a random comment – I love my macbook. I was also a die-hard PC fan before switching to a mac just last year. I still do like PC's a lot, but I'm happier with a mac. I use Parallels to use my favorite PC Quicken (the Mac version just doesn't compare) and that slows it down a lot. That's why I'm on this forum – to figure out how to speed it up.

I am still having a bit of a time adjusting because I haven't figured out the mac equivalent of the task manager – I loved that thing!- for tweaking the mac's performance.

However, I've had my macbook for over a year and I haven't had any problems with it – other than a random non-start issue a while back, but it was just the battery needed to be taken out and put back in. I upgraded my hard drive and ram all by myself and it was a snap to do.

I do feel badly for Toni's Garage. He/she must have gotten a lemon mac. Everyone gets a lemon product at some point.


every time i shut down windows xp from my macbook it close it freeze at the words (widows is shutting down) so i have to power it off using the power botton…….

and also when i shut dowm from the leopard every think shuts down except the dock ,and i had to turn it off usng the off botton

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