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More VIPs

If our VIP hosting program is any indication, enterprise blogging is on an upswing. We’ve been getting a lot of interest in this program from corporate bloggers. Some recent VIPs include multiple blogs from CNN, Xerox and Carnival Cruise Lines. We also recently added famous baseball player Curt Schilling as a VIP blogger and there are lots more in the pipeline. One interesting side effect is to see how these blogs do in our blogs of the day charts compared to everyone else who is blogging on

3 replies on “More VIPs”

congrats! more blogging from formerly closed sources is awesome.

but i wouldn't say that what it does to stats is interesting. it stratifies the charts, and pushes non-VIP's out. get enough VIP's, and i think most people will find it hard to care about BOTD.

So far BOTD is very balanced though. Right now the top VIP blog is just #5 on BOTD, and only 3 out of the top 20 blogs are VIPs.

Hi Toni,

I'd love to see an indicator in the blue dashboard when we are on a VIP blog — maybe with a link to the splash page about the VIP service?

Every now and then you hear some confusion from non-VIP bloggers who see these sites.

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