Check out this interesting three wheeled car, they have videos, a WordPress blog and bbPress forums.

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I'm a fellow biodiesel enthusisast (I'm running a VW Beetle TDI) my mileage hasn't changed more than 2 – 5 % and I'm loving the car. More and more stations are appearing in Los Angeles area. Also notes that you "aren't an electric car enthusisast) — you're missing out! I've owned the Honda EVplus and have driven the INCREDIBLE eBox. Any car fan (like yourself) would appreciate the incredible power and range o the eBox — it's a Scion xB, it does 0-60 in about 7flat, is safe comfortable, silent, and since my house is solar poweered, and my utility buys wind power, it's about 60% renewable energy. And at a nickel a mile, well, that's the future. Give 'em another look.

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