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One million blogs


Sometime next week, someone will create the one millionth blog on!

I hope you’ll join us this Monday to help celebrate this momentous occasion (and as if a million blogs wasn’t enough reason to rejoice, we can also toast the WordPress 2.2 release and the fourth anniversary of the first release of WordPress).

Please allow me to use this opportunity to brag a little about

  • Quantcast says is the #39 site in the US;
  • Alexa says we are the #96 site in the world (our current audience reach puts us in some nice company: ahead of sites like Typepad and Digg, and coming up on Flickr and Photobucket);
  • Google Trends says WordPress is the “most searched” of the blog platforms.
  • It took us 17 months to get to one million blogs (BTW, this is just counting blogs Automattic hosts at, it’s not counting the millions of copies of WordPress downloaded from and hosted on third party web hosts); and
  • Our 1 million blogs attracted an audience of 44 million readers last month, which seems like a healthy blog to reader ratio (i.e. lots of people are actually reading these blogs which is arguably more important than how many of them have been created).

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