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A while ago, I asked for a Firefox computer, a simple solid state laptop that’s optimized to run just Firefox. Yesterday I got an EeePC and it almost fits the bill.

What I like:

  • It’s affordable ($399, models under $300 are forthcoming)
  • It’s small and light (and cute)
  • The out of box experience was very nice, just the basics, none of the extra steps and bloatware you get with PCs and Macs
  • It runs everything I need: Firefox, Open Office, Skype (all of it, plus a bunch more, pre-installed)
  • It starts up quickly (under 30 seconds, much faster than my MacBook) and is very silent (it has a solid state drive)

What I don’t like:

  • The screen and keyboard are tiny
  • I was hoping for a longer battery life (seems like it gets about 3 hours)

Update: Check out my comparison of the eeePC and the OLPC XO

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As a fellow Firefox-box fancier, thanks for the report. I am prepared for the small keyboard and screen and low battery life. Did you get a spare battery, and, if so, what were the cost and weight?

As one of the apparently small group of Dvorak Simplified users out there, can you confirm or deny the availability of a Dvorak Simplified layout being available on the EeePC via hardware or software?

Guys, the only thing this beauty is missing is a 10 inch display … anyone knows is either Asus, or some other vendor is working on a 10 inch affordable, solid state linux laptop ?


Hi, you know I just got a new eek..I mean ee pec… partly because I am a firefox fan, too, and a writer and this reminds me of a baby hermes typewriter i loved so a hundred years ago. Problem is I cannot load firefox pages..thats the matter what i do. Any suggestions?


I have been lusting after one of these guys for about a month now. I do not know this for a fact, but it is closer to Christmas time and the demand is up, and the supply is down, meaning high prices. Maybe if y'all get them after Christmas or maybe a month or two later they will be; Cheaper, have a 2.0 or such revision, and may people could provide better feedback on what you can do with it. I am unsure on the 10.0 inch screen, but I do know they are coming out in new colors in February.

I can't find a battery for sale. Anyone know who has them? I have the 8 in pearl white. You would think Asus would have them.

Alright…. although there is a solid state drive built in already… can a normal laptop hard drive replace the SS Drive because i have a 160gig sittin on my desk getting no use whatsoever…. so all i need to know is whether or not a normal hard drive can replace the standard solid state drive…

I saw one of these a few days ago. Nice little machine, good to see something not-Windows not-Mac in high street shops. (£230 for the base model.)

As for hard disks, well, best to use a USB enclosure, and make sure that you're using mains power – I suspect that you'd be lucky to get an hour out of it on battery (unless the disk is spun down when not in use).

(And this stupid blog is rejecting symbols in email address local parts. Nothing invalid about them…)

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