A three generational leap!

The final act of my trusty 1G iPhone, to take a picture of its 4G replacement:

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Gadgets Technology



A while ago, I asked for a Firefox computer, a simple solid state laptop that’s optimized to run just Firefox. Yesterday I got an EeePC and it almost fits the bill.

What I like:

  • It’s affordable ($399, models under $300 are forthcoming)
  • It’s small and light (and cute)
  • The out of box experience was very nice, just the basics, none of the extra steps and bloatware you get with PCs and Macs
  • It runs everything I need: Firefox, Open Office, Skype (all of it, plus a bunch more, pre-installed)
  • It starts up quickly (under 30 seconds, much faster than my MacBook) and is very silent (it has a solid state drive)

What I don’t like:

  • The screen and keyboard are tiny
  • I was hoping for a longer battery life (seems like it gets about 3 hours)

Update: Check out my comparison of the eeePC and the OLPC XO

Gadgets Technology

iRiver T10

Some quick impressions of the iRiver T10 as an iPod Mini replacement.

+ Seamless integration with the Yahoo Music Engine, I can drag any song, album or playlist from the entire 1+ million song collection onto the player and it just works (no extra software to install or per track charges)
+ 44 hours of battery
+ Record and radio functions (not sure I’ll use them)
– Bad packaging, one of those molded plastic monstrosities that you have to pry open with a blowtorch, I managed to cut my hand while unpacking it
– Feels plasticky when you’re used to an iPod (especially the headphones, they feel like they cost about 2 cents to make, sound OK though)
– Battery won’t charge via USB (uses a regular AA battery)

I listened side by side to an album on the iRiver and the iPod (downloaded using the respective Yahoo and Apple services) and the audio quality is very similar (they’re both good, not great).