WordCamp presentation

I hope everyone enjoyed WordCamp as much as I did last Saturday (seems like Harry McCracken did).

At the camp, I gave a short presentation on the state of WordPress consulting. As WordPress continues to grow (doubling in downloads, pageviews, etc every few months), so does demand for paid design and development services around WordPress projects. Bottom line: we need more WP consultants! I’ve gotten several emails asking for a copy of the presentation, so here are my slides (slightly cleaned up).

#1 piece of feedback I received: the Automattic list of WordPress consultants is great, but getting very long – make it look more like the WP plugin and theme directories with tags and search so people can find consultants more easily.

5 replies on “WordCamp presentation”

If you'll recall, in 2006, there was talk of doing just such a consultant directory, but it was decided that it could be adequately handled by a simple HTML page (and instead we worked on the plugin directory). That consultant page is huge now. Look how much the market has grown in two years!

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