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Welcome PollDaddy

Polls like the one to the right are now a built-in part of, thanks to Automattic’s acquisition of leading poll and survey platform PollDaddy! Congratulations to the PollDaddy team of Lenny, Eoin, and Jonathan, who have built a great company with lots of users (including many WordPress bloggers) and partners, and they did it with a small team bootstrapping the company to profitability over the last two years. Lenny and Eoin are joining Automattic and will continue to run PollDaddy as a standalone platform that offers polls to any publisher on the web. As a matter of fact, the two have been witnessing team Automattic in action for the last couple of days, as we are holding one of our bi-annual company meetups – this time we are in the lovely Rocky Mountains in Colorado spending time together and working on group projects (you might see some of the fruits of our labor emerge next week).

Special thanks to Fergus for introducing me to Lenny, and to Mike and Barry for jetting over to Ireland to help move PollDaddy to Automattic’s infrastructure, integrate the service into and create a cool new PollDaddy plugin for bloggers. I met Lenny last Spring at the Web 2.0 conference and we got talking about the big demand for polls among WordPress publishers. We started working on a partnership, Matt went to visit PollDaddy in Ireland – here are his thoughts on the deal – and we decided that PollDaddy would make a great addition to Automattic’s family of services. Scott was advising PollDaddy and helped negotiate a deal, and voila, here we are with a great polling service as part of WordPress.

9 replies on “Welcome PollDaddy”

Glad I walked David and Jonathan over to your booth and introduced you back at Web 2.0 Expo! An original talk about how to be better integrated with WordPress became a much bigger corporate integration.


I have a kind of blog where I aggregate the content which are shown in grid layout.

I wish poll daddy nero vote (thumbs up and thumbs down ) to appear before the post title on the home page.

I tried my best, fiddling with the code and its position. but it appears just on the first post title and on every single post.

How could I make this happen. PLease help!

Here is the code I am using..

PDRTJS_settings_2561207 = {

"id" : "2561207",

"unique_id" : "wp-post-ID ); ?>",

"title" : "post_title ); ?>",

"permalink" : "ID ) ); ?>"


and the javascript link in the header.php file.

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