Thomas Benkö recently interviewed me for…

Thomas Benkö recently interviewed me for a Swiss newspaper.

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Partner at True Ventures. Team lead at Automattic. Advisor at Atipica, Bandcamp, Bigscreen, Handshake, Hatch Baby, Madefire, Piavita, Renovo Motors, and

One thought on “Thomas Benkö recently interviewed me for…”

  1. I visited Switzerland a few years ago and everyone was very kind to say that my "German" was quite good. They were overly polite, I fear. I tried to read this article.

    It's sad how little German remains 40 years after a year of high school German class, but I did manage to get that "if you get serious about a website, come to us" and "It's better for Startups in Switzerland these days."

    On the other hand, I come from Canada which is a "bi-lingual country", studied French for at least 8 years and it is hardly any better than my German.

    On the other hand, I do "speak" biodiesel. We should chat sometime soon.

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