WP 3.1

WordPress 3.1 was released about 36 hours ago. I always like to take a peek at the WordPress download counter when a new release drops. Already there have been 380k downloads, and they are clicking up rapidly at about 200 per minute, or 3 downloads per second!

4 replies on “WP 3.1”

Wow, 7 days later (March 2) you are at 1.3 Million! Impressed. Wanted to ask: "Chuunt irgendwenn native understützig für Mehrsprachigi Websites bi eu? Also nöd eifach Langue-Packs, sondern tatsächlich gliiche Post / Custom-Post aber in mehrere Sprach-Versionä? Wär für Schwiizer-Sites ja noh ganz nützlich…" Was meinsch?

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