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Evolution of blogging

I’m quoted in the NY Times today in an article about how blogging is changing. Matt has a great response on his blog.

2 replies on “Evolution of blogging”

I really identify with the statement in the article: "WorPress is mostly for serious bloggers, not the younger novices who are defecting to social networking." As a social scientist, I would suggest that this is a greater social issue that contributes to fragmentation of social interactions among the young and actually contributes to an unhealthy and frenetic life style. None of the youth seem to have time to develop deeper relationships and later will find those habits and behaviors to be ingrained in the way they live their lives.

I am currently developing a product that will do just the opposite and will soon have the concept ready to share – just a few legal documents, etc. and then I will be contacting you at True Ventures.

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