Rally Fighter

Sarah Stokes from Local Motors brought her brand new Rally Fighter to SxSW, and I got a chance to test drive it:

The car looks great, sounds great, gets lots of attention, and is fun to drive. I was slightly disappointed that they switched from a BMW diesel to a Chevy gas engine, but hats off to Local Motors for getting this car on the road. It’s a huge breath of fresh air compared to what the big car companies create these days.

3 replies on “Rally Fighter”

Very cool! Since this is all about co-creation, don't they allow you to swap out the engine for a diesel? I'd love to see one of those things on the road …have you seen any out here? Btw, what do you think of the KTM X-bow…a bit of a toy but looks like it would be a fun ride?

I asked about the diesel engine, and they decided against it because BMW is discontinuing it and the Chevy engine is easier to get warrantied and serviced. A custom diesel might be possible, but a one off job.

I love the idea and looks of the X-box, but have never seen one in person. Go Austria 🙂

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