Have you seen this truck?

A few weeks ago, my diesel Landcruiser got stolen in Berkeley. This happened to me once before, and the police found the truck a few days later. This time it hasn’t shown up, so I thought I’d ask the internet for help. Have you seen this truck parked or driving around San Francisco or the East Bay?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone found it after reading this?

Rally Fighter

Sarah Stokes from Local Motors brought her brand new Rally Fighter to SxSW, and I got a chance to test drive it:

The car looks great, sounds great, gets lots of attention, and is fun to drive. I was slightly disappointed that they switched from a BMW diesel to a Chevy gas engine, but hats off to Local Motors for getting this car on the road. It’s a huge breath of fresh air compared to what the big car companies create these days.

Swiss car news

A couple of intriguing car innovations from my old homeland – both are deceptively simple:

An ETH professor is working on a pneumatic hybrid engine. It stores excess energy as compressed air instead of using batteries, which could make hybrid engines simpler and cheaper.

Rinspeed (a Zurich based Porsche dealer and tuner known for creating crazy concept cars in their spare time) has come up with an engine management solution for Fiat 500s that lets the driver switch between low horsepower/high MPG and high horsepower/low MPG modes. So you can just cruise along in 58 miles per gallon mode and when you feel like having a little fun you flip the switch to turn on an extra 100 horsepower.