Paul P!

Paul P has sent me a most awesome care package of Swiss goodies (the chocolate is already gone 🙂 ):

Paul is a fellow Swiss ex-pat (he lives in Cyprus). We were traveling together in South America a few weeks ago and started talking about random Swiss foods that we miss while living abroad. I guess he’s been spending time in the homeland. Thank you Paul!

3 replies on “Paul P!”

Great stuff, enjoy! What I miss most from Switzerland is the cheese. Found Gerber Fondue in Quebec-City, even at Costco, but here in London (Ontario) it's rather difficult. The good thing in Ontario is that August 1 is a civic holiday.

Another specialty I recall fondly is Appenzeller Biberli. At some point I had an address of an importer in Alberta that had them. Getting food over the US border is the challenge. A lottery. If the custom agent finds it, it lands in the dustbin…

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