Have you seen this truck?

A few weeks ago, my diesel Landcruiser got stolen in Berkeley. This happened to me once before, and the police found the truck a few days later. This time it hasn’t shown up, so I thought I’d ask the internet for help. Have you seen this truck parked or driving around San Francisco or the East Bay?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone found it after reading this?

9 replies on “Have you seen this truck?”

I bet those creeps from Google have stolen it as part of their "Google Summer of Auto Theft" program. It's too late, Toni; even as we speak, your beloved Steibok is being converted into an autonomous vehicle and will soon forget that you ever existed.

My truck is back! The SF police found it parked under the 101 freeway almost 2 months after it was stolen. The license plates and car batteries were gone, but the car is fine otherwise, so I'm back in biodiesel action! The funniest part: the thief left a club steering wheel lock in the back seat – apparently he didn't want his stolen car to be stolen…

Congratulations Toni!

Not pointing fingers but … doesn't the 101 run straight down to the Googleplex?

Of course, the only way to know for sure would have been if they had left a hashing algorithm on the back seat.

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