100 year old electric car, a daily driver

I was at dinner at Patrick Mueller’s, a Swiss friend, when he asked me if I wanted to see his new electric car. “Sure!”, I said, walking to his garage expecting a Tesla or a Prius. Instead he showed me a close to 100 year old Detroit Electric. He’s upgraded it with a new battery, the rest is pretty much all original, including the motor. He gets over 100km on a charge and drives it to work and back every day (well, it being Switzerland, I’m guessing every sunny day). We took a test drive and the car feels much more modern than something from that era. One unusual and somewhat disconcerting detail is the car’s steering wheel – it doesn’t have one, you drive it using a lever instead. Patrick thinks there are fewer than 100 of these left in the world (of about 13,000 built).

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