Back to work

Tomorrow marks both the start of another hopefully amazing Automattic company meetup and my return to work after a three month sabbatical. I’ve spent this summer away from work, enjoying lots of free time with my family, reading about twenty books, hovering around inbox zero for weeks at a time, traveling home to Switzerland, and generally enjoying a slower, less connected and less scheduled pace. Now I’m ready to dive back in!

7 replies on “Back to work”

Time outs are refreshing. They are opportunities to accrue new knowledge, ideas, experiences – just in time to share! Ahh! The burning sensation to get back to “the normal.” Welcome back, Toni.

Toni, I enjoyed reading some of your posts. I am new to the blogging community and invite you and fellow bloggers to visit my blog at Would appreciate insights and words of wisdom from fellow bloggers. Thanks.

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