Yesterday I found a fellow car nut in Braughm. We chatted and realized that we both like old Land Rovers. I told Braughm that I’d love to drive an old (pre 1994) Range Rover if it wasn’t such a gas hog. He came up with the perfect solution: find a diesel Range Rover and covert it to biodiesel!
He got the idea from a mid 80s diesel Land Cruiser (another car I like a lot) that’s parked outside his office:

It has a biodiesel sticker on it which sort of gives it away:

Turns out it belongs to a guy who has driven several cars on biodiesel and has lots of good info on his site.

If you happen to have an extra diesel Range Rover sitting around, please call me…

3 replies on “Biodiesel?”

Just not a Range Rover in Canada, eh? Can you imagine pulling up to the gym in a car that smells like french fries?! Classic!!! 🙂

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