I definitely got the biodiesel bug now. Since my post on the topic I’ve gotten a lot of encouraging feedback and I’m now researching ways to import diesel Land Rovers and Land Cruisers (I’m also planning on test driving one of these). It’s occured to me that one of the reasons I like these types of cars (shall we say rugged and semi-obscure) because I was imprinted early on. When I was a teenager, my dad got a Gurgel X-12 as a trade from someone who couldn’t pay a bill. It came from Brazil, where Gurgel was a pretty big car manufacturer from 1969 until they went out of business (in the late 80s?). Our X-12 was made of fiberglass, built on a VW bug chassis and painted a faded army green. My dad gave it to my sister to learn to drive in it, and it was handed down to me a few years later (I promptly repainted it and added a stereo on some new wheels – hey I was 17).

I know it looks a little weird, but boy was it fun. In a VW bug with a light, convertible body it feels like you’re going really fast, sliding through corners, and you look down and you’re doing just 40 mph! Here are some random Gurgel links.

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I love this idea. I posted on biodiesel a while back, a short nothing and my wordpress stats showed me that I had readers of that post in Saudi Arabia! Fun! I'd really like to see more reviews of these cars and what is available in the US. I know Bush is pushing corn and ethanol, but I am a health inspector and a large problem with food service establishments is what to do with used cooking oil. One thing it can be made into is biodiesel and we could solve a waste and an energy problem at the same time. How/where will you obtain your biodiesel or will you mainly fuel it from regular diesel pumps?



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