I’m not a huge fan of electric cars, but you have to check this out:


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Yo! Listen Up!

Tara Hunt (a fellow Canadian in San Francisco) has a great post entitled “Why the small will overcome”. Tara believes that small companies have an advantage over large organizations for 3 reasons: Advantage #1 – The Giant Corporations are Asleep…

Is the driver of this wearing a helmet?!! That is hilarious!

Why does an environmentally friendly vehicle always have to look like a gay spaceship? Just wondering. (No offense to gays or spaceships)

By the way, note that the website offers no information on the safety aspects of this sardine tin.

Ever heard of a motorcycle, people? Buy a Harley if your car is too big.

Personally, I love gas-guzzling, pollution emitting SUVs. Suburbans are the best.

American trucks rule. The bigger the better.

I prefer to buy gas at, as expensive a price as possible, just for bragging rights.

A few years back, a foreign woman hit my truck head-on (because she obviously doesn't know our traffic laws here in America). Her little car was totaled, while my truck's headlight was cracked.

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